Can I reward your staff for a job well done?

Please contact us at 604 464 8905 for any special bonification you want to make to our staff.
Please be advised that our staff members are not allowed to take or receive any cash.

Do I have to make special arrangements before the visit?

It would be helpful if you pick-up items and do some general tidying ahead to make it easier to clean. Ensure untrained pets are kept away while we clean.  Please put out or show us ahead where cleaning supplies are kept if we are using your own.

Who is cleaning my home?

Your home will be cleaned by a trained staff member(s) backed up by Tri-Cities Cleaning Services. They are fully insured and bonded and have had back-ground checks.

Do I have to sign a contract?

A signed contract is not necessary for most of our working relationships. We prefer to keep our service flexible and feel confident that you will be happy with the service long-term. Contracts can be arranged by request for specific circumstances.

How do I pay for any service rendered?

Payment is due after a cleaning service is done. Cheque or credit card is accepted. Our Staff is not allowed to take cash payments. For further information please call 604 464 8905.